Learn how to dress from an Emmy Nominated Costume Designer!

Are you ready to take the “worry out of your wardrobe”? 

I am Lori Ann Robinson multiple Emmy nominated costume designer and Image and Fashion Consultant, and I will help implement changes and turn them into a solid foundation for developing your personal style and image that will weave throughout your life both professionally and personally. And before you know it, something amazing just might happen!

I am fun to work with…plain and simple. You will begin to gain new understanding about your image and personal style by the end of our first consultation. How do I know? Because I am excited to help you discover what your true personal style and image could be, and that excitement is certain to lift your confidence from the very start. I am going to make this an enjoyable and enlightening process AND save you time and money–let’s reveal the new you! What are you waiting for?

I am an expert in helping women and men who are body shape challenged and find it difficult to find clothing that fits and flatters.

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Lori Ann knows that improving your personal image is one of the quickest and easiest ways  to ensure maximum success in both your  personal and professional lives. Read more >> LAR EDGE TRAINING™ is a new paradigm in image consulting-one that includes the mindset of the stylists, the skills of costume designers and the best sensibilities of modern image consultants. Read more >>


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