Lipbalm and Lip Lining Pencil Together :
If you have a lip lining pencil that is rather hard, try using it over lips that have been prepared with a good coating of lipbalm. The pencil will color the lips easily and has lasting power as well. (And dont simply line them, color your entire lips with the pencil).

How to adjust your lips:
Make Small Lips Look Larger Apply a little vaseline or lip gloss to the middle of the bottom lip, which brings the lips out, making them look larger.Make Large Lips Look Smaller Use the deeper colors in your palette (deep color makes the lips recede), and stick to a matte formula; keep away from shiny glosses.

Cosmetic Tips :
You have spotted a gorgeous shade of lipstick on a model in a magazine and you instantly run out and buy it. You spend a small fortune on the color and when you get home, it looks terrible on you. The lipstick was a complete waste of money. To avoid this trap, make an appointment at one of those cosmetic salons that will assist you in your color choices. Thats their job afterall! Let them suggest colors to you, try them out and if you like it, then you buy. Its as simple as that.

Dont Forget The Lips :
You do your face in the morning and then you are out the door. How do you look by 11 am? You lipcolor is probably gone so get into the habit of touching it up several times a day. Nothing makes you look more washed out than dull lips. Some women need the color. Trust me I actually look healthier when I have color on my face.

Getting your Lips Ready For Summer :
Dry cracked lips is not something that you want this summer. Its easy to get your lips ready for summer with just toothbrush and a little vaseline. Brush the lips gently and the be sure that you dont ingest any of the product.

Lip Lines :
If you have tiny lines in your lips that you would like to make less noticeable, heres the trick to try. Instead of applying your lipstick horizontally, apply it vertically.

Lipstick and Feathering Lines :
As we age, tiny lines around our mouth start to show up making lipstick application more tricky. Within hours you will notice that the color has started to creep up these lines. If this is happening to you, try this. Before you begin, pat the lips with translucent powder and then line them with a pencil. Be sure to smudge the line!! There is nothing worse that SEEING this line. Its there to hold the lipstick in place. Once that is done, fill in the lips with color, preferably the same color or one very close to the liner color. Pat once more with translucent powder and you are done. Your lipstick should be set for most of the day.

Lipstick Changes Color? :
Have you noticed this happening to you? The reason is the acidity of your skin which causes dark toned lips. If you have brown toned lips, stay away from the blue toned lipsticks. The lipsticks in the brown tones will hold their natural color more so than a pink or blue toned shades. Your best colors will be beiges, peaches, apricots etc.

Lipstick Everywhere :
Mary Greenwell has cut back on all the different products available and uses lipstick on the cheeks, eyes and lips. Im seeing this tip in lots of books lately. Its no longer a no-no!

Lipstick Formulations For Winter :
During the winter months, you might want to stay away from the lipsticks that claim that they are long lasting. Often they can dry your lips out and cold weather will do that fast enough. Instead look for creamy formulations

Lipstick Trivia :
Here is the little trivia about lipstick/lipbalm. In 1904, a perfumed lip salve would have cost you 25 cents and wouldve been packaged in an aluminum case. By 1908, it was okay for women to apply lipstick at the table during lunch at a restaurant. It was not okay to apply lipstick at dinner.

Lipstick Trivia :
Here is the little trivia about lipstick/lipbalm. In 1904, a perfumed lip salve would have cost you 25 cents and wouldve been packaged in an aluminum case. By 1908, it was okay for women to apply lipstick at the table during lunch at a restaurant. It was not okay to apply lipstick at dinner.

Mixing Lipstick Colors How-to :
Take one tube of red lipstick that you dont care for and mix in a little mauve lipstick. You will achieve a pretty fuchsia that will be easier to wear.

Pinks VS Peaches :
Leave your pinks in the drawer during the summer. Peach tinged lipcolors look terrific against bronzed skin.

Red Lipstick Yes, You Can Wear It :
This question has been sent to me a number of times so I thought that I would talk about Red Lipstick. I find that mixing up my own shades work best for me. I have tried lots of reds and I find the same thing. The shade just isnt right for me, most of the time it is just too bright for my skin tones. So, I tried experimenting with some of the colors I have and found that adding a little brown to my red worked. It still looks red but it tends to tone down the brightness. Experiment a little. You will have tons of fun and create signature colors that are all your own.If you manage to make/mix up the perfect color for yourself and you dont want to continue mixing your own color, take a sample to the mall with you and find a red that is as close as possible to the shade that you created.

Retractable Lip Brushes :
There are lots of different brushes on the market but a retractable brush has added features. If you are going out in the evening, pick up a little lipstick on the brush and then retract. When you need a touch up, the lipstick is already on the brush and waiting for the application.

Storing Your Gloss :
Did you know that if you store your gloss in the refrigerator, there is less chance for it to melt on your lips when you apply it. And on a hot summer day, it feels fabulous.

Want a Fuller Upper Lip? :
Outline the lips with a pencil that is the same shade as your lips. Now on the center of the upper lip, use a brown pencil and draw a second line. Apply lip color and the brown will blend right in but your top lip will definitely look fuller.

Why a Lip Brush? :
Lip brushes allow you to use less lipstick but it also can be used to soften the line of your lip liner. With the brush, you can blend it right into the lipstick so that it is not visible.

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