Color Analysis

Are you stuck in a color rut? Wearing black and gray all the time because it is easy?                       

Wearing your correct colors will make you a force of nature.

Color is the single best way to stretch your wardrobe. It works for both women and men.

By wearing the…

Your best colors you will look-beautiful, slimmer, powerful, vibrant, healthy and dazzling.

Wrong colors you will look– tired, old, sick-ish, heavier, sallow, and all around yucky

While we are drawn to the person wearing the right colors for their skin tone. We often get caught up with what are the “IN” colors in fashion and often choose the wrong ones. Clothes bought that are not in your color palette often just end up hanging in the closet. I sure made my share of mistakes in the past before I saw the light!

Colors have undertones warm and cool. You can find a warm blue or a cool blue, a warm pink or a deep cool pink. Now wouldn’t you like to make sure you are wearing your correct hue?

Wearing your best colors are not about eliminating color but finding the right ones for YOU!

I will guide you through a collection of colors and customize your own unique color palette which you will be able to take with you whenever you shop. No more wasting money on clothing that does not suit your skin tone.

This way you will never have to wonder if that is your right color when choosing new clothes. Now that’s a good thing!

So isn’t time to get out of your color rut? If you are ready to start looking bold and beautiful CONTACT US TODAY

Group color sessions available. Great idea for birthday party, bridal shower, or just a fun get together for your friends.

I love my color swatch booklets.  So helpful.  Thanks again for a super fun and helpful experience!
Kelly D.

I just wanted to tell you what an amazing time I had last Thursday.  It was a great learning experience.  I think it’s going to be the beginning of a more confident me!  I am so excited about going shopping for the right styles and the right colors.

Sonia R.