Feature a speaker that engages the audience with wit, essential tools for change, and practical information that can be applied IMMEDIATELY. Your audience will be listening from the moment Lori Ann takes the platform.

Provide professional training and workshops that empower your employees to master the concepts of dressing for  success. Managers and supervisors shouldn’t have to worry about employees showing up for work and meetings in  unseemly outfits, out-of-date, ill fitting, or unprofessional clothing. Lori Ann will get them moving in the right direction.

Do you need to speak to employees and staff about etiquette, communication and dining skills, boardroom and conference behaviors without having to single them out?

Lori Ann can do it for you, and they will love what she has to say.

She understands how to wake-up and hold your audience for a mind-shifting adventure. Lori Ann can custom design a program specifically for your group and its needs.

Why is it important to ‘dress like a professional’?

Most people think that your professional dress and image has nothing to do with your ability to get the deal and excel in business. Isn’t simply being a good professional enough?

As a career image consultant, speaker, and ‘edu-tainer’, what I know to be true is this: whether we like it or not, following the rules for professional dressing is critical to your success.

We make significant assumptions about each other within just a few seconds of meeting. Employers would be shocked to learn what we conclude based on how you dress. Lori Ann will share these conclusions and solutions to combat them through speaking events.


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